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Player Impact Ratings are determined by measuring a player's production on the field. Each activity, e.g., goals, assists, turnovers, ground balls, etc. is considered. All players are listed including approximately 25,000 men and women varsity athletes from all three divisions. Strength of opponent is considered. For high schools, data was obtained from game films. See formula for further explanation. See review


All American Watch List is based on three factors: a players class ('Fr', 'So', 'Jr' and 'Sr' or 'Gr'); the team they play for and the player's impact rating. Check out: MD1, MD2, MD3, WD1, WD2, WD3.


Player Stats includes points, goals, assists, shots, ground balls, turnovers, caused turnovers, faceoffs (or direct controls) and goalie stats.

Comparing boy's and girl's 2013 ratings when a five-goal limit is used instead of a ten-goal limit.

To compare results of a 10-goal limit to a 5-goal limit, go to a rating's page on the laxpower site and change "laxpower" in the URL text box to "laxbytes". For example, 10 goal limit as compared with the 5 goal limit simply toggle between "laxpower" and "laxbytes" in the URL text box of your browser for any other ratings page.


NCAA Tournament Selection Probabilities are based on (1) selection criteria, (2) team rankings for RPI, SOS, Quality Wins and Won-Loss records and (3) historical data from the past ten years. See guide for further explanation.

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